Practice Start-Up — Realize Your Dreams

New practice owners who have just established their own practice or recently purchased an existing business have many demands on their time and attention. You need to focus on fulfilling regulatory and licensing requirements, maximizing business development opportunities, setting realistic goals and resolving employee issues. You can rely on Gatto McFerson to provide the information, resources and technical information you need to meet your new, diverse responsibilities.

We’ll help you:

  • Understand why and how to contact governmental agencies, local licensing agencies, vendors, drug companies and other people, groups and organizations you need to be successful
  • Develop client referral programs with a turnkey package of ideas, templates and samples to roll out a customized referral program targeting other practices, hospitals and satisfied customers
  • Create a marketing program that incorporates cost effective advertising, direct mail, speaking engagements, brochures and signage to build awareness of your practice in the local marketplace and deliver maximum return on investment
  • Maintain a motivated team of employees through initiatives that address employees’ physical, emotional and job satisfaction needs
  • “Catapult To Success” with our 10 step program that shows you how to set realistic and attainable goals, seek new responsibilities, embrace continuing education, become a leader and make the most of a professional mentor