Financial Services — Rest Easy.

Getting financial systems, processes and procedures in order is a major undertaking with major benefits. When you partner with Gatto McFerson, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your practice is operating at peak financial performance. We take the time to understand and evaluate your unique needs, and deliver sound accounting and financial recommendations and reports.


Gatto McFerson is built on the promise that we provide our clients with the most advanced accounting processes and reporting. When you partner with us, we’ll help your firm:

  • Understand the most important questions you should ask your CPA
  • Determine what corporate organizational structure is right for your practice
  • Understand the principles of annual budgeting and conduct a break-even analysis
  • Develop beneficial agreements with specialists
  • Complete and analyze financial statements
  • Prepare tax reports throughout the year and at year-end

Tax Preparation and Tax Planning

Gatto McFerson prides itself on filing accurate tax returns on a timely basis.  We are licensed to file all business and personal tax forms in all fifty states.

The firm also highly recommends year-end tax planning for all of our clients.  This allows us to not only help our clients pay as little tax as possible, but also plan for any large tax payments that are due in the coming months.

Financial Statement Preparation

Gatto McFerson professionals have been preparing financial statements for veterinary practices for decades. We understand you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your business. That’s why we deliver timely and accurate portraits of your practice and its financial results, for the month just ended, cumulative year-to-date, comparisons with the prior year, and comparisons with the year’s financial budget. Plus, our financial statements are presented in the AAHA recommended format, which allows you to compare your practice to others in the nation

Cash Flow / Budgeting

Every practice has to plan for the future while managing today’s cash flow demands. That’s why the Gatto McFerson team places a high priority on helping you establish an annual budget that sets realistic goals for you and your staff, while enabling you to track important financial trends and variances as they develop throughout the year, not just during an annual review. We work diligently to understand your unique needs today and help you anticipate tomorrow’s opportunities. Then, we develop a comprehensive, manageable budget that keeps you on target toward reaching your goals and achieving your vision.